Making notes

Similarly to Attendance, there are a few different ways to make lesson notes, the easiest way is through the lesson room but there are other options too.

In the lesson room

When it’s lesson time, go to the lesson room found on the sidebar.


You can write your lesson notes for that pupil here.


All notes are auto-saved and automatically sent to the parent and learner at the end of the session. You can attach media attachments and record video clips from here too using the media tab at the top.

The plus button in the bottom right allows you to add an attachment from your device to be included with the notes, this could be a PDF, some sheet music or anything else you want to attach. You also have the option to take a photo which can be useful if you prefer to use hand written notes and attach these as an image. You can use the webcam for your laptop or, if you log in on your phone, you can use the phone camera:


You have 5 minutes after the lesson has ended to finish adding notes, once this time is up the notes will be automatically sent to the Learner’s parent/ guardian but you can add notes to previous lessons using the instructions below.

Top tip: You can also make private notes to yourself in the lesson room by pressing the button on the top-left.


Adding or editing notes after the lesson has finished

Once a lesson has finished you have 5 mins to add notes before the lesson notes are auto-saved and sent to the Learner’s parent or guardian.

If you think of any notes you want to amend or add after this 5 minutes has passed you can add notes retrospectively.

Click on Your Learners on the left-hand side:


Select the learner you want to add notes to and click the lessons tab at the top:


Find the previous lesson under Lesson Notes and then click the down arrow on the right-hand side. This will change to an up arrow and a box will appear allowing you to add or edit the lesson notes:


Once you’re happy with your notes click save and resend, this will save the notes or edits you’ve made and inform the parent or guardian of the Learner that the notes have been amended or added.

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