Groups and Ensembles

Teachers can create their own groups and Ensembles but you can also add some for them.

Adding a group

To add a new group click Groups on the left-hand side and then “Add group” at the top:

In the pop up give the group a name, choose if it is a Group, Ensemble or Whole Class lesson, select which teacher teaches the group and then select which learners are in the group:

When you’re happy with the information click Create Group

Adding an Ensemble

PLEASE NOTE: Ensembles are still a Beta feature so there may be some teething issues, this are is always growing and changing so any issues please do get in touch

Ensembles differ from groups in that a learner does not have to be attached to the teacher as an individual to add them to an ensemble taught by that teacher, you can also add multiple teachers to a single Ensemble.

To create a new Ensemble click Ensembles on the left-hand side and then click New Ensemble

In the pop up, select the name of the Ensemble, the teacher(s) who teaches them and add the learners:

Once you’re happy with the information click Create

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