Adding your Learners

Once you’ve added your teachers you can start attaching your learners to them.

To do this click on learners on the left-hand side and then click “add learners” at the top:

When you click this a pop up will appear asking which teacher you’re attaching the learner(s) to:

Select the relevant teacher from the list

On the next screen it will ask which learners you’re attaching to this teacher. You can either search your MIS for them individually using the search box at the top or you can copy and paste a list of learners. If you paste a list it will match the majority to your MIS but you might need to search for a few that don’t match. These are usually ones where the name on your sheet doesn’t exactly match the info from the MIS and is usually down as a shortened version of the name I.e. Ben/ Benjamin, Alex/ Alexandra etc.

Once you’ve added all your learners click next, it may ask you to confirm the email for these learners (please note, you cannot change the email for ones matched to your MIS as this is pulled from there).

Click next again, if the teacher teaches mutiple instruments it will ask which instrument they are teaching these learner(s) on which day(s), if you have this enter it here but this is optional and doesn’t affect what days the teacher can schedule them.

When you click next again you’ll see a confirmation screen, check all details are correct and then click confirm. Once you click confirm the parent/ guardian for these learners will be sent the invite to join Practice Pal (unless you’re still in set up mode – in which case this will be queued and sent when you click go live)

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