Adding lessons

In the app click Lesson Planner on the left hand side:


Click “add lesson” at the top:


Select if the lesson is for an individual, group or an empty slot (Top Tip: most teachers use empty slots to block out lunches or drop in sessions or to increase the number of available slots when they rotate students)

Select the learner/ group this lesson is for

Select the date and the Start and End time of your lesson (Top tip: the lesson end time will automatically change when you change the start time, using the default lesson length set by your School admin)

Select if your lesson is in person or online and which room the lesson will take place in:


Top tip: you can also add lessons from the calendar view by clicking and dragging on the calendar:


Once you’re happy with all your lessons for the week you can then publish the lessons to notify the learners and parents

If you have any lessons that show up with a red ! this means that the lesson clashes with something that has been marked as restricted in the MIS, you can hover over the ! for more information:


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