Teach online with Practice Pal – Using our desktop app you can enhance your online or in-person teaching with lesson scheduling, video clips and amazing audio, all with safeguarding in place.

Why teach music using Practice Pal?

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Streamlined Scheduling

Simple scheduling calendar which makes it easy to rejig lesson times and automatically lets the parents and students know their lesson times and any changes you make.

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Amazing audio!

Built by music teachers, Practice Pal is made for music! Say goodbye to troublesome audio on other platforms and hello to a great sounding lesson.

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Students practise productively

Your demonstrations and explanations are there for your pupil in the student app between lessons so they can keep learning from you in their practice during the week.

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Safeguarded for all

When you teach music online with Practice Pal, you can feel assured that safeguarding measures are in place to protect both your student and yourself.

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Music Teachers Subscription

Take the stress out teaching – use Practice Pal.


During our open Beta period

  • Lesson management tools
  • Online Lesson Room (normally 30p per hour)
  • Face-to-face Lesson Room (normally 10p per hour)
  • Safeguarded data storage

If you are teaching as part of a school, your school will send you a sign up link from their school dashboard.

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Once you have subscribed to Practice Pal download the desktop app. Available for Apple and Windows devices using the links below.

Recommend supervised practice to your students

We’ll give you £10 for every student that signs up

As their teacher you will teach them how to play their instrument, music theory and musicianship. Our Practice Pals will encourage your student to focus and apply what they have learnt more effectively, meaning you can do more teaching in lessons!

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Any Questions

How do I start using Practice Pal for lessons?

Follow the link above to sign up and set up your account. After that, you can send your student sign up links for a free account, then you can schedule lessons and get teaching!

Is it possible to rearrange a lesson if a student is ill?

Yes. Simply rejig the lesson times in the scheduling calendar. Parents will be automatically notified of any changes made.

How does a lesson begin?

The app will automatically connect you to your student at the time scheduled in the calendar so it’s as easy as that!

What happens at the end of a lesson?

You’ll be given a 5 minute warning with time to wrap up the lesson. At the end, the lesson will automatically disconnect and you will have time to write up any notes useful for both yourself and the student.

Where are the demonstrations stored - do I need a large hard drive?

Any video and audio recorded during the lessons is stored on our secure remote server.

Do I need a copy of my student’s music?

5 minutes before their lesson, the student is taken through a process to upload a photo of any sheet music they have been learning. They can also select from any music previously uploaded. You can view this at any time during the lesson in parallel with their video feed. Music can also be uploaded during the lesson.