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Students become more confident in their playing and more prepared for their next lesson.

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Your child will feel like they’ve achieved something every time they practice – because they have!

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Hear the sounds of frustration replaced by joyful tunes as your child grows to love making music!

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Reinforce good teaching with quality practice time that your child will look forward to every week, and that will solidify the good teaching they already receive.

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Our practice mentors want children to love practising their instrument. Enjoy watching your child improve, without a fight to get there.

Get it in the diary

Our weekly subscriptions help you and your child make a diary appointment for music practice.

Be involved all the way

Session reports keep guardians and teachers in the loop, bridging the gap between lessons, so that you get to see the progress your child is making, without the pressure.

We’re here to transform the music education experience for everyone – learner, guardian, and teacher. By removing the burden of getting your child to practice, and replacing it with fun, mentored sessions that sky rocket their progress, you’ll be seeing a budding musical maestro develop in front of your eyes.

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Just starting out? Preparing for a grade exam? Pick a plan that will work for your musician, and change up anytime you need to.

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Treat your practice sessions like a music lesson. Make them diary appointments. if you prioritise practice, so will your child.

See progress soar every time your child practices

You’ll see the improvement within a week, as they start to love playing their musical instrument

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Hear from our users and see what happens when you start your first practice session

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  • Minimum 7 x15 min credits
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