Help us help more schools.

Connect us to a school and get £100 worth of vouchers

Practice Pal is changing the way music lessons are organised and taught in schools across the country.

We want more schools to see that by using Practice Pal, not only are they finding a better way to organise music lessons – but most importantly they are improving the musical education experience for their pupils and giving a better access to quality music practice.

Can you introduce us to a school? For every meeting you arrange with a school Head of Music, we’ll give you £100 worth of vouchers!

We want to let more schools know about how they can transform their department and we need your help!

1. Send an email

Let the Head of Music know about Practice Pal, and set up the meeting. Make sure you copy [email protected] into the email so we know who to send the voucher to!

2. Arrange a meeting

We know that once a school has seen Practice Pal in action, they'll be convinced. We just need you to suggest the meeting. We have some more info to help you below.

3. Enjoy your voucher

Once the meeting has taken place, no matter the outcome, we'll send you your voucher. The more schools you get us in touch with, the more vouchers you get!

Need help with the email?

Give us your email address and we’ll send you a template you can forward on!

Why Practice Pal?

Practice Pal is more than just a music department management system – at our heart we want to improve, and give more access to music education for students across the country. So unlike other management information systems who just offer admin solutions, we exist to provide students the tools they need to excel in their music lessons and practice. 

We deal with the administration, so teachers and schools can focus on lesson delivery – and then give them the tools to enhance that as well! So when a school signs up to Practice Pal, they’re not only professionalising the way they manage music lessons, they’re giving teachers and students a platform to teach, learn, practice and love their musical instrument.

Your email

Not sure what to say in the email? Here’s a template you can just copy and paste!

Hi [head of department],

Can I introduce you to Ross Garrod? He runs Practice Pal – a music department management system built to help schools streamline music lessons, and equip students with everything they need to learn and practice their instrument.

Ross would be really interested in arranging a 30 minute video call where he can hear about the department and show us how Practice Pal helps manages instrumental music lessons in a quick and easy to use way.

Is there a time this week we could schedule a call? 



Need more ammo? Here are some resources that might help!

Information Pack

Everything you need to know about our platform in one handy PDF – attach it to your email so the Head of Music has all the info they need.

Two Minute Demo

We run through Practice Pal in 2 minutes – this video gives a quick overview of what Practice Pal does.