Practice Pal Accounts

Practice Pal is a music education ecosystem, a platform for learners, teachers and schools. We are one platform, with different tools for different types of users. Here you will see how we break down our pricing.

For Learners

Learner account

  • Connect with your teacher for online and offline lessons
  • Access your teachers notes and video clips
  • View upcoming lessons and receive lesson reminders

Supervised Practice Add-on

Supercharge your progress with 
our practice subscriptions
£ 7
per week
  • Supercharge your progress with 
our practice subscriptions
  • Connect with professional musicians
  • Receive live feedback as you practice
  • Receive session reports sent to your account, and your teachers

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For Teachers

Teacher account

Turn your music teaching into a well oiled business with our free administration tools
  • Add and store unlimited learner information safely in one place
  • Schedule your week’s lessons at the click of a button
  • Automated emails to learners and guardians containing lesson times and notes
  • Bill your learners automatically ensuring you get paid on time, every time
  • *From November 2021, teacher accounts will be charged at £9.99/month. Sign up before November to have your first year free.

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For Schools

School account

A premium music department management system without the price tag
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  • Live overview of whole department teaching timetable​
  • Powerful restrictions calendar that syncs with associated teacher and learner accounts​​
  • Display view showing upcoming lessons for screens in your school
  • Unlimited admin logins​
  • Unlimited, free premium teacher accounts​
  • Free learner accounts for your students​

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