The Practice Pal App

Skyrocket your progress and love playing your instrument with our app for learners!

Practice like a pro

Practice can be hard. But not when there’s a pro to guide you!

Access lesson content

Forgot what you did in your lesson? Not anymore! Find your teacher’s notes in the app.

Enjoy playing more

With everything in one place, you can focus on what you really want to play!

What does the Practice Pal app do?

Receive the educational and organisational support you need to learn a musical instrument – all from one app! Get lesson reminders, lesson notes, practice videos, store sheet music and discover our unrivalled supervised practice.

All future lessons or practice sessions are shown in your dashboard. You won’t miss a thing!

Connect to your teacher and discover how we give your lessons a boost! (But we don’t do the actual teaching part, that’s your teacher’s job!)
Practice with the help of one of our practice pals! Watch your progress skyrocket as they guide and encourage you.

How do I get started?

To access anything in the app, you first need an adult to set up a guardian account, they can then give you a passcode to set up your app login.

Starting supervised practice?

Your guardian needs to create an account and get you set up with a subscription.

Starting lessons via Practice Pal?

Your teacher needs to set themselves up on Practice Pal. Then your guardian just needs to confirm the connection

What’s the difference between 
lessons and practice?