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Learners & Parents | Practice Pal Music

An app designed by musicians, for musicians to support their instrumental learning every step of the way

For Learners

Lesson reminders, notes and video clips from your teacher, and Guided Practice – all in one free* app

Time management

Time management tools

View upcoming lessons from the dashboard and receive push notification lesson reminders

Enhanced Learning

Enhanced learning features

Access teacher notes, watch video clips from lessons, and practise with Guided Practice for a richer learning experience

Time management

Online lesson room

Connect with teachers from anywhere in the world via our virtual lesson room, meaning fewer learning disruptions

*Guided Practice is an add-on feature starting from £7.99 a week.

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For Parents

Our dedicated account for parents provides a clear overview of their child’s progress, encouraging continued success at home

Full transparency

See how things are moving forward with reports from the teacher sent automatically after each lesson

Smarter scheduling

Know where everyone needs to be and when thanks to an at-a-glance dashboard and email lesson reminders

Financial control

Easily view upcoming payments and billing history in one convenient place*

*If a learner is subscribed to Guided Practice or their teacher uses Practice Pal billing.

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