Practice makes perfect sense

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Let's prioritise music in education.

We need to champion a subject that will give them the best preparation to learn no matter where, what or how. When we do, the impact will reach far beyond a musical instrument and benefit them for the rest of their life.

We need to bring instrumental music to the forefront of children’s education. And we have to give as many people as possible access to quality music lessons and practice. 

We can’t make the mistake of sidelining music education. Learning and practising a musical instrument will carry our children through the biggest educational crisis in our generation.

Share our open letter to the government

We want everyone to take the massive impact of music education seriously, from pupils to politicians. And we know that without support from the top, we will not see change. Earlier this year we wrote to the government, demanding change. Read and share our open letter to the government, and make your voice heard!

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