(Not in Use) Practice Subscriptions

(Not in Use) Practice Subscriptions

Practice made perfect

Whatever stage your in-house musician is at, the Practice Pal learners app will skyrocket their progress.
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Practice using our Learner app

Music practice has changed for good with our revolutionary learners app

Connect with professional musicians

We work with some of the country’s best professional musicans who are passionate about sharing their love for music, and their passion for practice!

An account that fits with family life

Whether you are an individual learner, or managing a family orchestra, your Practice Pal account works with you to find a plan that works for everyone

Find your perfect plan

We know that one size doesn’t fit all with music practice – but we also know the unbeatable benefits of scheduling and committing to music practice sessions every week. You can pause, upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time – and if you need a few extra practice sessions to get your ready for an exam or concert, you can add them easily on your Practice Pal dashboard.

Subscription plans


Great for starting out
£ 7
per week
  • 2 x15 min 
practice credits per week


Supercharge your practice
£ 14
per week
  • 4 x15 min 
practice credits per week


Practice like a pro
£ 20
per week
  • 6 x15 min 
practice credits per week

Set your tempo

Need more? This is for you!
£ 3
per session
  • Minimum 7 x15 min 
credits per week