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Practice with a Pal

With Guided Practice, music students have a pal to help them practise and boost their progress

What is Guided Practice?

Guided Practice is an educational technique proven to skyrocket a musician’s progress by joining the dots between their lessons and practice. Once only available at fee-paying music schools, we’ve made Guided Practice accessible through the fully safeguarded Practice Pal app.*

Professional music mentorship

Background-checked professional musicians guide learners as they practise

Friendly encouragement

Learners receive feedback and support as needed, improving focus

Clear insights for parents

Parents receive an automatic summary report after each Guided Practice session

*Guided Practice is an add-on feature starting from £7.99 a week.

How does it work?


Sign up online for a free Parent Account to get started

Subscribe to 15-minute practice blocks, and combine blocks into longer sessions


Pause, upgrade, or cancel at any time

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Guided Practice FAQ

So… it’s not a lesson? 🧐
In music lessons, students learn how to play their instruments. The purpose of music practice is to revise what they have learned. Guided Practice is the best of both worlds! Practice Mentors make sure students are focused, encourage them when the going gets tough, and are there to celebrate the wins, making learning much more fun 🤩
I’m a parent, and I struggle to get my child to practice 😳 Will this help?
By making practice more engaging and enjoyable for learners, Guided Practice can help encourage students who need a little extra push to get practising. And because Guided Practice is a regularly scheduled activity with a person external to the family, it creates a sense of routine and reduces parent-child “practice battles”. The result? Students logging quality practice time more, dragging their feet a little less, and getting better at their instruments faster. A true win-win! 🥇

See how Guided Practice is making practice perfect