Princethorpe College


What is something you couldn't do before, but thanks to Practice Pal Music you can do now?

“Track attendance in music lessons and minimise ‘lost child’ alerts!.”

What's your favorite Practice Pal Music feature? Why?

“The daily email to staff letting them know who will be missing from their classrooms and when.”

What effect has Practice Pal Music had on your music department staff?

“My time on lesson admin has diminished considerably.”

Please could you tell us about your personal experience with the Practice Pal Music team?

“My initial meeting with the team was really positive, and the rare occasions when I have had technical queries have resulted in a rapid and positive response.”

"Several times, when a child has been missing from class. Practice Pal allows attendance staff to see straight away if pupils are in a Music lesson and either cancel the alert, or escalate it immediately."

Gill Cowlishaw - Director of Music


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