Introducing automatic music lesson billing, lesson scheduling and pupil lists

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We’ve just launched our biggest update for teachers yet – now Practice Pal does the heavy lifting for you with all your music teaching admin in one place.

Start billing your pupils directly with Practice Pal

We’ve taken the hassle out of chasing students for payment with our safe and secure automatic billing. Connect your bank account, set up your teaching rates, add your pupils and you’re sorted!

Take Payment with Stripe

We’ve partnered with Stripe to ensure your payments are taken quickly and safely. When you start taking payments through Practice Pal, we send out emails to your pupils (or their guardians), do all the chasing, and send you your monthly pay all in one go at the same time every month. No more guess work!

Set standard teaching rates, or customise for each pupil

No two pupils are alike, and we’re sure that includes payment arrangements! When you set up taking payments with Practice Pal you can set standard rates, customise depending on length of lesson as well as online/in person teaching, and apply to all. Additionally you can set custom rates for any pupil who doesnt fit your standard model. We’ve thought of every possible scenario, because we know that up until now you’ve had to deal with every one of those scenarios!

A completely flexible billing system for music teachers and pupils

Bad traffic mean you missed half the lesson? You can add a discount to the bill. Are you also the main buyer of reeds, rosin and sheet music? Don’t be out of pocket – add it to the bill with our itemised billing. We told you we’ve thought of everything!

Add, sort and filter pupils with your Pupil List

Build a full pupil profile for each of your students: write notes, track attendance, see availability, then sort and filter your school and private students with our comprehensive platform.

Full details of all your students in one place

Build your pupils profile, adding their school, class, grade, and lesson day. Add public notes for your pupils, and private notes for your own benefit. When you use Practice Pal, there’s nowhere else you need to go, no other platform you need to keep track of your pupils development.

Filter and sort as fully as you need

We don’t just have a sort function – we have a primary, secondary and tertiary sort function. You can view all your pupils, private and school, on one list, then sort them however you need. Are you the kind of person who thinks alphabetically? By day of the week? Age or grade? Our filter and sorter mean you can see your pupils the way you want to see them!

Attendance tracking where it matters

You could have a spreadsheet with notes about each pupil over there, and a calendar marking out lessons over here, OR you could have everything in one place. With Practice Pal, your pupil list is connected to your scheduling, showing you an individual run down of each pupils lessons, notes, absences and availability.

A scheduling calendar that understands music teachers

We know how complicated scheduling music lessons gets – we do it ourselves! So our biggest boast is that we’ve just launched a schedule calendar that gives you all the flexibility you need to work with all your pupils’ priorities, and your school’s rules! We flag clashes, copy teaching weeks, send reminders, and so much more.

Our latest update of Practice Pal offers teachers a single solution for all their admin questions. We’re not finished with fixing your life – but now you can organise your entire teaching calendar, from adding new pupils to receive automatic payment summaries for your tax return, all thanks to your Practice Pal!

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