Five summer activities for families to keep music alive this summer

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Sometimes summer holidays are about just getting through the day unscathed! But whether coming up with activities for the whole family or something to keep your kids entertained, our list should bring a bit of joy, plenty of tunes, and even a desire to get playing their instrument over the summer!

Here are our FIVE ways to keep music alive in your home this summer:

Crank up the tunes!

A soundtrack to your home life is a great way to get children thinking about music more often. How about playing  music from different countries depending on where your meal is from ? Stick on a chill out playlist for afternoon activities, or educate them in the music you love and tell them why it’s the greatest?

Here’s a Spotify playlist we’ve made to get you started:

Make your own instrument!

How are instruments made? Probably not the way you’re about to make them – BBC Good Food have instructions for five instruments your kids can make with homemade material. You’re probably not going to form a successful family band from the results, but it will help kids consider the craft that goes into ensuring musical instruments make the sound they need to. Once you’ve made yours check out the hundreds of videos on YouTube showing you real craftsmen at work!

5 instruments kids can make

Get really into the Proms!

In the same way the Olympics makes you suddenly very interested in dressage, take the start of the BBC Proms as a way to get your family into new instruments! Why not pick an instrument each and cheer it on as it features in different concerts, and debate which instrument “won” each concert?

In preparation for the Children’s Prom, the BBC have come up with some great activities:

BBC Proms Family: The Carnival of the Animals

Karaoke Night!

What’s your tune? Total Eclipse of the Heart? Angels? Livin’ on a Prayer?  You don’t have to splash out on a karaoke machine, or take your kids along to a sweaty booth for some karaoke fun – bring it to your living room!

There are plenty of Youtube channels with Karaoke tracks and lyrics – we found Sing King, which has plenty of tracks you’ve probably not heard of, but somehow your kids have!

Family Concert!

Now you’ve fully submerged your family in music from dawn to dusk, it’s time to bring it back to your child’s own instrument. Find an afternoon or evening where everyone performs a piece. Set up the room so it feels like a performance area, and encourage your child to get practising on their favourite piece from last year. Invite people over, live stream it (we’re sure you’re used to this technology by now!) and make a real event of it!

Why not take advantage of our online supervised practice subscription, to make the prep for the concert even more fun? We’re offering 1 week completely free – see how much difference that can make as they prepare!

Get one week’s FREE online supervised practice!

Whatever you choose to do to keep music alive in your household, let us know by tagging us on our social channels! Happy music making!

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