About us

Practice Pal is a suite of dedicated tools that transform how schools, teachers, parents, and students move through music education together.

Our journey begins with one music teacher’s frustration over the obstacles he saw deterring music students from reaching their full potential—the result, it seemed, of a growing view that music education was no longer as important as it used to be.

By applying technology to learning in a convenient and user-friendly way, Practice Pal helps restore effective, enjoyable, and accessible music education to the heart of our schools.

Unlike our competitors, who equate music learning to any other extracurricular activity, Practice Pal is tailor-made by musicians, for musicians. In addition to providing streamlined organisational tools and safeguarded online lesson rooms, our signature offering is a virtual supervised practice corridor—a proven pedagogical technique exclusive to elite institutions, until now.

Research shows time and again the numerous benefits of playing a musical instrument, from increased IQ, memory, and problem solving ability, to a positive effect on mental health. Practice Pal empowers everyone in the music education ecosystem by modernising the administrative framework that supports students in their pursuit of excellence.

We hope you will join us to see how much better music learning can be. We’ve made practice perfect so through practice, you can soar.