About Us

Meet Practice Pal – a music education management software for schools, teachers, parents and learners

Our journey begins with one music teacher’s frustration over the obstacles he saw deterring music students from reaching their full potential—the result, it seemed, of a growing view that music education was no longer as important as it used to be.

Unlike our competitors, who equate music learning to any other extracurricular activity, Practice Pal is tailor-made by musicians, for musicians. In addition to providing streamlined organisational tools and safeguarded online lesson rooms, our signature offering is a virtual supervised practice corridor—a proven pedagogical technique exclusive to elite institutions, until now.

With Practice Pal Music, we remain committed to outstanding music education and accessibility for all students. We also recognize the importance of embracing a wide array of extracurricular activities, which is why we are excited to introduce Involve Co-curricular to manage Sports, Dance, Drama, Clubs and Support as invaluable additions to our offerings.

Meet the team

Ross Garrod

Chief Executive Officer

James King

Chief Technology Officer

Amanda Sklair

Business Development Manager

Jamie Hodder-Norton

Customer Experience Lead

Cristobal Gomez

Head of Digital Marketing

Ben Cornhill

Lead Product Designer

Fidel Elie

Senior Lead Developer

Anthony McLean

Full-Stack developer

Dorian Levy

Senior Full-Stack Developer