About Practice Pal

Music making should be a joy

Research shows the huge benefits of playing a musical instrument – increasing IQ, memory and problem solving ability, leading to more positive effects toward mental health.

But for so many the process of learning is so expensive, complex and chaotic that they are left frustrated and unable to make progress. 

You shouldn’t have to battle broken systems in order to make music, which is why we created Practice Pal. Our revolutionary platform gives you the tools to have complete control of your music education. Combining musical and technological innovation, we are making an excellent music education accessible to all with a seamless and fully integrated platform that supports students, teachers and schools as you learn, teach and organise.

Practice Made Perfect

Practice is the most effective way to make progress in practical music education. Indeed, there’s no point in learning a musical instrument if you don’t practice! But getting your child to practice can be hard. Practice Pal’s Founder and CEO, Ross Garrod, was trying to figure out how he could help his own music students improve their playing by having better music practice.

Nothing can beat having a professional musician guide you as you practice your musical instrument. In conservatoires across the world, practice rooms have music teachers walking up and down the corridors, listening in to musicians practice, giving advice and encouragement and helping to skyrocket their progress through their knowledge and experience.

What if this experience could be recreated online – and accessible to anyone? This was the question Ross emailed co-founder and tech entrepreneur James King. The conversation led to the birth of our revolutionary supervised online practice app. We now work with some of the country’s best professional musicians who are passionate about sharing their love for music, and their passion for practice.

Meet the founder – Ross Garrod

Removing the noise so you can play music

Since that first step, Practice Pal has grown and now helps learners, teachers and schools by removing the over complicated, burn-out inducing administration and processes. In the last 6 months 30,000 minutes of practice have been coached, and 100,000 minutes of lessons have been enabled through Practice Pal. And this is just the beginning. We are fixing a broken music system – we’d love you to join the delighted teachers, students and school administrators who are joining the music revolution by using  a platform that unlocks an excellent music education for all.