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Practice makes perfect sense

We need to champion a subject that will give them the best preparation to learn no matter where, what or how. When we do, the impact will reach far beyond a musical instrument and benefit them for the rest of their life.

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Skyrocket your progress with supervised practice through the learner app – practice made perfect!

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Whether online or in person, music lessons will make much more sense when you and your teacher start using Practice Pal


Managing learners accounts

Take control of music admin with the Dashboard. Manage all of your practice sessions and lessons for multiple learners in one place!

Hear from our Users …

Zoe is so focused during her practice sessions. She can make adjustments in response to the real-time comments, which led her to make more progress. She could see this for herself and she enjoyed it!


We really like the ability to read the mentor’s comments. They are knowledgeable, gentle and appropriate to the different stages of our kids. We’re learning how to supervise practice ourselves!


An open Letter to the PM

Sidelining music education during this pandemic will have a long term damaging impact on the brain development and life chances of our children

Practice session fees

2 FREE practice sessions when you sign up!

15 min sessions


per session
(1 per week)


per session
(2 per week)


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(3 per week)

30 min sessions


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(1 per week)


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(2 per week)


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(3 per week)

Practice Makes Perfect Sense

Let’s prioritise music in education

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