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Make learning and teaching music more fun and effective. Start using Practice Pal to transform your music education experience – for good.

Whether online or in-person, music lessons make much more sense when you and your teacher are using Practice Pal. Create a free account to connect to your teacher.

See your progress skyrocket and find the fun in practicing your instrument with Practice Pal’s music-practice mentoring – an online subscription service that connects you to an expert musician who helps make your practice more enjoyable and effective.

You didn’t start teaching music to spend your days doing admin. Let us do it for you so you can focus on doing what you love. Be in full control of your teaching timetable, earn more money, and enhance the teaching experience with an automated lesson planner and revolutionary admin and teaching tools.

Move music lesson scheduling from bottom of the pile to top of the class with our powerful music department management system.

All your teacher and learner information at the click of a button, a fully editable calendar that syncs with your teacher’s own accounts, and intelligent restrictions – reduce your administration time and costs, and make your music department worth singing about!

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“We need to champion a subject that will give our children the best preparation to learn no matter where, what or how. When we do, the impact will reach far beyond a musical instrument and benefit them for the rest of their life.”
Ross Garrod | Founder and CEO, Practice Pal